Enhance the delivery of services and increase transparency to the public.

You’re charged with delivering critical public services. Your constituents demand transparency, efficiency and compliance. Whether you represent a city, county or state government, you must have control of your documents to extract useful, timely information. To minimize bottlenecks and enhance service, you must also find ways to expedite and standardize your departmental business and administrative processes.

By using DocFinity®, you’ll expedite your delivery of services, all while maintaining compliance with public information acts including the Right to Know Act or the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, DocFinity can automate and support:

  • Records management
  • Accounts payable, receivable, and payroll
  • Courts and litigation
  • Contract management
  • Environmental and health records
  • Medicare and Medicaid processing
  • Building permit processing
  • Information delivery to your public web portal
  • Revenue and benefits programs
  • Tax collection
  • Construction
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