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All IT departments face pressure due to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. With a majority of your human and financial resources focused on keeping systems operational, IT often becomes a challenge to your business rather than an enabler for growth.

Companion Data Services helps achieve the demands of today’s digital world through IT hosting environments that meet business, schedule, budgetary and quality requirements. Our knowledge and experience deliver new levels of system performance and availability.

Our experts will help transform your IT so you can focus on your core business.

You Don't Have to Own IT to Control IT®

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Data center replacement

Mainframe elimination

Secure Solutions that Drive Growth and Efficiency

Data Center Outsourcing

Reduce spending on capital expenditures, environmental systems, hubs, routers, firewalls and power supplies.

Data Center Virtualization

Accelerate service delivery, improve profitability, reduce risk and consolidate data and files to a secure, centralized environment.

Software & IT Expense Elimination

Recapture ongoing and emergency expenses dedicated to software licensing fees, data backups, disaster recovery and costly IT specialists.

Security & Compliance

Deploy security and compliance to the highest standard to protect data, applications and infrastructure.

We own and operate multiple data center complexes across the United States.

Our hosting offers specialized physical, data and network security to fit your needs.