Docfinity Features

The documents and files that businesses rely on are dynamic, with varying levels of importance and liability. Access, workflow and task management are crucial, everyday necessities. Retention, auditability and disposal are concerns.

That’s why DocFinity was built from the ground up on a modern, flexible, scalable platform. You'll see the same comprehensive suite of content management and workflow features for both on-premise or SaaS deployment.

DocFinity Features

Document Management

Efficiency, productivity, process improvement, and automated, paperless collaboration.

Electronic Forms

DocFinity eForms enable you to design, input, store, and access forms securely, from any location.

Self-Service Gateway

The DocFinity Self-Service Gateway provides a secure way to exchange information with those outside of your DocFinity network.


Bring your content together in one place and improve discoverability.


View, model, automate, process, and standardize your processes.


Keep your finger on the pulse of business health and drill into key details.


Gain greater insight by integrating applications & content across your organization.

Records Management

Securely manage document lifecycles to maintain compliance.


Seamlessly route documents to employees and partners.

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