Companion Data Services provides enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), adaptable workflow and organizational collaboration with award-winning DocFinity® software. Your data will work in an organized, paperless, productive environment with unparalleled openness and efficiency.

CAPTURE - Scan, upload, and import documents to store and easily retrieve them in the future. Automate the process with intelligent capture options.

DELIVER - Provide anytime, anywhere access to documents, data and real-time reports.

SECURE - Minimize security risks by controlling levels of access to critical files and content and applying retention rules to comply with regulations.

AUTOMATE - Eliminate repetitive tasks, standardize processes, and confidently manage record disposition.

INTEGRATE - Integrate with all of your systems, applications, and data sources to connect documents with the data held in your core applications.

Unlike other vendors who only offer a subset of their product suite in the cloud, you can license the entire DocFinity suite with your SaaS subscription. The DocFinity Cloud software stack gives you access to all the core capabilities of the DocFinity system plus BPM/Workflow, Records Management, eForms, Dashboards and more to meet your growing needs.

Discover how our DocFinity® ECM solution meets the needs of organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

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