Managing technology costs you time, money, resources and focus. Our cloud-based solution allows you to meet your strategic goals while giving you freedom to concentrate on your business.

Cloud Companion® delivers a robust, scalable cloud-based solution that:

    • Focuses on your applications
    • Integrates your systems
    • Manages your technology

    Cloud Companion proves you don’t have to own IT to control IT℠.

    We start with your business needs and create an end-to-end solution that offers:

    • Convenient Access
      • Shared pool of configurable networks
      • Servers
      • Tiered and encrypted storage
      • Applications
      • Managed Services
      • Multiple Platforms
      - x86
      - AIX
      - z/OS
      - z/Linux
      - Solaris
    • Scalable Provisioning
      • Prompt service deployment
      • Load balancer
      • Storage
      • Multi-tiered networks
      • Firewalls
      • Private network connections

    • End-to-End Monitoring
      • Infrastructure monitoring
      • 24/7 customer service
      • Custom dashboards

    • Security and Compliance
      • Advanced persistent threat protection 
      • Data loss prevention 
      • Security frameworks
      - FISMA
      - HIPAA
      - DIARMF
      - HITECH

    View our Cloud Companion®  video and for more information, please contact us.