All information technology (IT) departments face pressure due to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. With a majority of your human and financial resources focused on keeping systems operational, IT often becomes more of a challenge to your business rather than an enabler for growth.

Companion Data Services (CDS) helps companies achieve an operational hosting environment that meets all business, schedule, budgetary and quality requirements. Through our Hosting/Outsourcing services, we offer unmatched knowledge and experience to improve, maximize and maintain outstanding system performance and availability.

  • Data Center Outsourcing

    CDS data center outsourcing allows companies to reduce spending on capital expenditures, physical assets such as heating, cooling and humidity control systems, hubs, routers, ­firewalls and power supplies.

  • Data Center Virtualization
    Data center virtualization accelerates service delivery, improves profitability, reduces risk and consolidates data and files to a centralized environment.
  • Managed Services
    Managed services include performance, quality, recovery, incident, production support, availability, capacity and configuration, batch, resource, system software, media and facilities management.
  • Security
    Data center security encompasses a broad set of policies, technologies and controls designed to protect data, applications, infrastructure and physical location.
  • Software
    CDS provides companies potential cost savings by eliminating software licensing fees and costs associated with data backups, disaster recovery and expensive IT specialists.

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