United States mapIn the highly competitive and ever-changing state Medicaid market, CDS has developed business solutions to help manage information technology changes by focusing on two areas of expertise: MMIS takeover projects and project management.

High-Level Security

In our world of health care regulations, we all must take every precaution to safeguard data. CDS customers have great trust in our security. Their audits confirm that trust. The CDS security-conscience hosting environments provide a multi-layered approach to information in the data center complex. CDS monitors each layer to identify and minimize incidents. The CDS data center complex has no single point of failure within any environment. This model guarantees you that CDS has the ability to meet customer availability and performance requirements.

MMIS Takeover Project

The CDS Medicaid team has a proven track record with transition experience. Our team has worked with more than 25 MMIS accounts involving takeover and new system implementation, with on-time, on-budget results.

CDS and its parent company are proud to have worked with South Carolina’s Medicaid for nearly 25 years. We've become experts in:

  • Claims Collection and Data Entry
  • System Edits and Audits
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Procedure Code, Diagnosis Code and Pricing Maintenance
  • Processing Turnaround Documents for Nursing Homes and Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Provider Education and Support Services
  • Production and Distribution of Medicaid ID Cards
  • Provider Call Centers
  • Developing and Conducting State Training

CDS is invested in the success of your state, your recipients and the delivery of quality health care services.

Project Management Organization

The CDS Medicaid project management team uses defined and proven methodologies to offer you:

  • Resource management by managing project hours
  • The ability to organize and develop effective work request teams
  • Effective meetings, organized and managed to get results
  • Conflict resolution, within and outside the team
  • A strong organization, even under pressure
  • The ability to develop work breakdown structures

CDS has knowledge and training in the importance of a work request schedule, both as a communications tool and a means to coordinate and control expectations.

Our project management organization can lead your scope, design, test and implementation into the future of Medicaid.