CDS has a long-term history of hosting experience with numerous claims processing systems and associated support systems. We are confident that we can meet your current hosting requirements in the commercial payer market health care information arena. We can readily adapt operations and maintenance methodologies as your requests change to accommodate company, state and federal initiatives. Our experienced and flexible technical team will coordinate the data center operations, systems engineering and support services.

CDS architecture, while centering on technology, is grounded in time-proven functional operational roles and responsibilities, and tools and methodologies — all equally important and all currently in place to accomplish the efficient and responsive managed hosting services you may require. These include:

  • Operational control and management of the services, components and tier configurations
  • Management of all infrastructure events
  • Workload and output management and scheduling
  • Storage management, backup and recovery
  • Management and control of all aspects of operational security
  • Management of ancillary operational processes
  • Proactive methodology

The operational disciplines supporting high claims volume processing result from years of experience with daily maintenance, incident management and the need to maintain high availability and high service levels across the secure hosted architecture. These elements are wrapped within a proven operational methodology that is written, enforceable and repeatable and on which all technical staff are trained and monitored. For more information about claims processing, please refer to the Companion Data Services Healthcare Payer SuiteSM section.

With nearly a decade of experience with the federal government, CDS has developed a very diverse client base. This diversity gives us insight into the many and frequent changes in the health care industry. Our competitive advantage may be the edge your company needs into today’s world.

Paramount to our success and long-term trusted relationships is the fact that we know our infrastructure and systems work — our business depends on it every day.