CDS Named a “Top 10 Healthcare Consulting/Service Company” for 2021 by CIOReview

Companion Data Services, LLC. (CDS) was named a “Top 10 Healthcare Consulting/Service Company” for 2021 by CIOReview. CIOReview is a technology magazine that is dedicated to guiding enterprises through the ever-changing business environment with information, solutions and services.

“Information technology (IT) is a dominant force in fueling innovation and revolution in healthcare,” according to CIO. “From personalized care, improved clinical outcomes to enhanced patient decision-making, the intersection of healthcare and IT is transforming the quality of the patient experience.”

Companion Data Services has been a trusted business partner in government, commercial, and education markets for years. CDS, along with its parent company, have more than 70+ years of health IT experience and operate secure healthcare data centers across the United States. We offer secure solutions that streamline critical processes and add value to your operations. From high-volume claims processing to transforming administrative activities, our IT solutions can power your business plans.

“We call ourselves a solution integrator as we deliver a holistic solution and not just bits and parts of different systems,” says Lola Jordan, President of CDS. “With strong customer retention and repeated contract renewals, we pride ourselves on being our customers’ partner of choice.”

Our signature payer solution, CDS Healthcare Payer Suite®, increases efficiency and services with end-to-end administrative and transaction-based processing solutions. More than simply claims processing, this comprehensive platform helps payers modernize technology and processes to lower costs and enhance the member and provider experience.

For more information, visit our CDS Healthcare Payer Suite page, and contact us for more information.