Companion Data Services (CDS) features a white paper on LinkedIn that explores topics relevant to the health care information technology (IT) industry. View our currently featured white paper, The Mainframe's Relevance in the Digital World.

In the event of a security breach, there is a good chance your third-party vendor is at fault, but your company is ultimately responsible for that breach. That leads us to the question, "How well do you know your third-party vendor and the risks they pose?" Read Security and Health Plan Paranoia: A Focus on the Third Party to learn more.

Concentrate on your core business knowing your data needs are no longer a problem for your business, but are enabling your business to succeed. Read Realizing Business Value and Focus through Outsourcing to find out how.

Companion Data Services is proud to be a part of the Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) Defense Summit. If you have needs for data center and cloud solutions from mainframes (z/OS and z/Linux) to distributed systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX) we would like to hear from you! We own and operate one of the largest, most-secure, top-tier health care data centers in the United States. With more than 70 years of combined and proven data center and health information technology (IT) experience, we can resolve challenges and meet your requirements. Click here for an overview of services that we provide to federal markets.