Companion Data Services (CDS) provides enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), adaptable workflow and organizational collaboration with DocFinity®. Your data will work in an organized, paperless, productive environment with unparalleled openness and efficiency!

This scalable document management solution allows you to securely capture documents and customize data across your organization to support your business practices. Our ECM and BPM solutions include:

    • Technology and Implementation
      • Docfinity® ECM/BPM software
      • Web services
      • Database management
      • Server operating system and hardware management
      • Implementation services
      • Secure hosting in our HIPAA, PCI and HITECH compliant U.S - based data center

    • Workflow Processing
      • Data Entry
      • Preprocessing
      • Mid-tier transaction processing
      • Full-service transaction processing
    • Paper Handling
      • Inbound Mailroom Operations
      - Receiving
      - Scanning
      - Batch management
      • Outbound Print Room Operations
      - Printing
      - Inserting
      - Presorting
      - Metering
      - Mailing 
      • Secure document storage, retrieval and destruction 
    • Customer Service
      • External call center operations
      - Status inquiry
      - Questions 
      - Complaints 
      • External Help Desk Operations for your clients
      - Web portal support
      • Internal Help Desk Operations
      - End-user support

    Find out more about ECM/BPM and our additional services on the GSA IT Schedule 70.

    Download our ECM and BPM white paper and watch our video. For more information, please contact us.