Re-Engineer Invoice Processing with eForms and Dashboards

In the ever-changing health care industry, hospitals are looking for new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. DocFinity® helps expedite invoice processing and improve turnaround with automated data entry and tracking, with better visibility into the process and improved monitoring.

  • Dashboards for improved monitoring
    Gain better visibility into the RFP process as part of the automation. DocFinity Dashboards help you better monitor invoice processing and see, at a glance, whether certain invoices are taking longer than others to process. Show the total dollar amount that is in the approval process right now and see what is assigned to the hospital’s cost centers. Break down—by dollar amount—the invoices that are sitting at every job node.
  • Better visibility with tracking
    Provide search capabilities to help users help themselves and track exactly where a specific invoice is in the approval process. When an authorized user keys in an invoice number, she can quickly see the person that the invoice is assigned to, and how far along it is in the process. The search also shows whether an invoice has not yet been assigned, and is sitting in a common queue awaiting processing.
  • Improve process efficiency with eForms
    Integrate with DocFinity to enable improved tracking, transparency, accuracy, and turnaround. Streamline invoice processing by automated data entry, routing to necessary personnel, invoice line items, email notifications, tracking, and validation steps.

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