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Companion Data Services President Speaks at Women in Insurance and IT Panel

November 08, 2016

Columbia, S.C. – Companion Data Services (CDS) President Lola Jordan was one of the panelists in the Executive Speaker Series: Women in Insurance and Information Technology from Columbia’s Insurance Technology & Services Cluster (iTs|SC) at Columbia College last month. To learn more about the speaker series and Lola Jordan, visit: http://www.midlandsanchor.com/speaker-series-focuses-on-preparing-mentoring-women-in-it-field/.

The series offers business professionals an opportunity to have an interactive discussion including audience questions about insurance, IT and business goals. The group focused on the growing role of women in insurance and IT leadership. Jordan was on the all-female panel to discuss, among other topics, the expanding role women are playing in technology innovation.

The panel is particularly relevant to local audiences as Columbia is one of the nation’s leading areas for insurance technology employment. 

“You grew up with technology,” Jordan said. “But, do you want to be the one creating it? Being a technologist is not playing a video game or using your phone. A technologist is an inventor.”

Jordan encouraged the audience of mostly high school and college students to find mentors, look for opportunities to broaden their skills and believe in their dreams.

“Our industry is continually changing,” Jordan said. “I want to stress to women that there is no ceiling in this space. This gives us an opportunity to lead differently and capitalize on the innovations within this sector.”

Jordan has 28 years of experience in health care leading large fiscal agent and Medicare carrier operations. She also has a technology background, including data center, infrastructure and print and application development teams. She joined CDS in 2010 as chief operating officer and was promoted to president in 2012. In August, she was featured as a South Carolina ETV “Palmetto Voice.” The video series is geared to middle and high school students, and Jordan’s segment encouraged girls to seek leadership positions in a variety of career paths.

About Companion Data Services

CDS offers secure health care development, managed and hosting services within a large data center complex for the federal, state Medicaid and commercial markets. CDS and its parent company provide services for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, TRICARE, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, Northrop Grumman, Medicare Advantage health plans, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, as well as other private health plans. The company is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Baltimore, Maryland.

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