Companion Data Services (CDS) offers a wide range of solution offerings to your customers.  Each of these can be tailored to meet your individual business need.

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    CDS supports Avalon with managed services data center hosting, commercial systems solutions and business process outsourcing services. This contract also offers a new innovation approach to laboratory claims processing, proving that pharmacy benefit management companies and behavioral health management companies continue to be leaders in technology innovations.


    Customer since 2006.


    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides direction and technical guidance for the administration of the federal effort to plan, develop, manage and evaluate health care financing programs and policies. We have worked with CMS for many years and on many projects, developing a long-standing, trusted relationship.

    Medicare Fee-for-Service Claims, Systems Hosting and Production Support:

    CDS operates the CMS’ data center under its Virtual Data Center contract. The purpose of the contract is to consolidate more than 20 data centers with a goal of standardizing information technology processes and procedures, reducing security risks and standardizing policy procedures. The CDS data center is one of the largest data centers in the world for health information. It is built for scalability and flexibility, depending on customer requirements. CDS has successfully transitioned 67 percent of the Medicare health care claim processing from more than a dozen data centers in 18 months. We have standardized processing, increased security, lowered costs and created a valuable data repository.

    CDS provides hosting and production support for many additional CMS systems under the Virtual Data Center contract including:

    • Services for the National Level Repository hosting task order
      The National Level Repository (NLR) tracks incentive payments to health care providers that adopt electronic health records and modernize their computer systems by archiving, receiving and processing daily data feeds from multiple sources. Since 2010, CDS has provided an effective and highly reliable environment for the NLR. We have made improvements in the infrastructure and created efficiencies in testing, release processes and monitoring procedures.
    • 1-800-Medicare National Data Warehouse Application Hosting
      CDS successfully transitioned and currently hosts the 1-800-MEDICARE National Data Warehouse (NDW) application for CMS under its Enterprise Data Center (EDC) contract. The NDW contains statistical information on the 1-800-MEDICARE help line including the most frequent inquiries and the duration of calls. This help line receives more than 40 million calls each year on topics such as enrollment procedures and covered services. CMS analyzes the data to improve outreach materials and customer service for the 43 million Americans with Medicare coverage.

    CDS also hosts and supports several CMS provider systems including the Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership (PECOS), the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), the Fraud Investigation Database (FID) and the Medicare Exclusion Database (MED). We also host and support the Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) system including the Medicaid and CHIP Business Information Solutions (MACBIS).


    Palmetto GBA benefits from one of the most secure hosting facilities in the United States through the services provided by CDS. Leveraging our FISMA High capabilities, we safeguard Palmetto GBA’s MAC Jurisdiction M Fee-for-Service workloads and mainframe operations. The power of our hosting solution supplemented by our proven disaster recovery program gives Palmetto GBA confidence in the safety and security of their MAC data and operations.


    CDS hosts applications for Professional Data Solutions (PDS) which supports major national health insurance plans. While implementing and maintaining production systems for the health plans, PDS assists with claims processing, conversions of proprietary formats to industry standard formats (HIPAA 835/837), financial reporting and the creation of tools and processes to meet the unique needs of both the insurer and subscriber. 

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